Anycriminal charge maytremendously affect your life. It can lead toa financial penalty or fine, an entry into your criminal record, a loss of liberty anddriver’slicense. It may alsocompromise your job and immigration prospects.

Whetheryou are an adult, youthor a corporateentity, wetreatyou in a respectfulway, and defendyourinterest in the following areas:

  • Alcohol and Drug Offence Charges
  • Domestic Assault&Spousal Abuse Charges
  • Theft &Property Crime Charges
  • Traffic Act Offenses and Impaired Driving (DUI)
  • Assault& Criminal Harassment Charges
  • Bail Hearings&Reviews
  • Charter Applications
  • Fraud
  • Record suspension (Pardons)
  • DisciplinaryProceedings
  • Quasi-Criminal Prosecution
  • Youth Criminal Justice
  • COVID-19 relatedoffences
  • Guiltypleas and sentencing
  • Police complaints
  • Police stops and searches
  • Rights of an arrestedperson
  • Victims and witnesses